Frequently Asked Questions

How do I engage with Lexicon?

When choosing a partner for product development, it is critical to make sure that both teams have good chemistry. We start with a conversation to get to know each other, learn your goals and objectives, and determine if we are a good fit. If so, we will draft a proposal with a work plan that includes deliverables, milestones, and a budget for discussion.

What if I want only a specific service offering (such as prototyping, concept development, engineering review)?

We’ve got you covered. We understand that not all projects require a full development schedule and are happy to accommodate your project needs. Let us know how we can be of help.

Do you work with entrepreneurs and start-ups?

Yes. We have and continue to work with a wide range of new ventures and understand the challenges of developing your first product. In order to be an effective partner it is helpful for us to understand your business objectives and experiences, target market, and resources (production and capitol) so we can determine how best to structure a program.

What is your fee structure (i.e. how much does it cost)?

Our fees are based on the time required to fulfill the project milestones multiplied by our hourly rate. We have different hourly rates based on the type of work performed and the expertise/experience of our team members. Because product development is an exploration-based discipline we track our time and expenses and maintain open communication with our clients in order to work within estimated budgets and to alert our client when additional effort is required.

How do you handle client billing?

We bill based on milestones or on a monthly basis depending on the project plan. For new clients, we ask for a percentage up front.

Do you work on a royalty or joint-venture basis?

Yes. When this path is a good fit for both teams we will work with you to determine an equitable arrangement.

How do you safeguard my intellectual property and confidentiality?

We understand the importance and value of intellectual property and carefully safeguard client information. We hold all work and data in the strictest of confidence, limiting the sharing of IP with only those on the project team, and do not share project information until it is made public by you.

We are comfortable working with your legal team or advisors to assist in the filing process by supplying concept and design visuals, drafting explanations, and signing documents for patent applications.

Can you help provide introductions to manufacturing resources and/or help me produce the final product?

Yes. We work with overseas manufacturers on a daily basis and have experience developing products directly with factories. We also are comfortable traveling overseas and working with the production vendors on site.

For many of our clients we make introductions to factory resources or arrange the production of their finished product. For clients that have preferred factory vendors or relationships we are happy to work with your resources to insure that the product is manufactured according to the design objectives.

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