Our expertise begins with process.

  • Analyze

    We like to get into the heads of both the client and the current and future consumer. Through surveys of existing competition, analysis of trends in the marketplace, and experiential research we begin our focus on framing the problem and opportunity. At Lexicon, we believe that starting with an accurate problem definition will aid in the development of a successful product.

  • Design

    In the design phase, we collaborate with team members from multiple disciplines to iterate and work towards a product solution. By integrating functional and aesthetic considerations, material and production insights, marketing and brand requirements, we are able to move towards a great design using a clearly defined process.

  • Refine

    Design refinement comes first by paring down options, merging into deeper product specification and user testing. We ensure the quality and functionality of our designs through engineering validation and field testing to move towards a focused solution.

  • Deliver

    At Lexicon, we pride ourselves on the ability to help our clients bring their products to market. We work closely with our customers and our own production resources during sampling and manufacturing of each product, helping to ensure quality and satisfaction in delivering finished goods.

Market Specializations







Services to Succeed

Design Strategy/Research

We like to do our homework here at Lexicon. Using a variety of research methods, we help to discover what the market wants and how to best capitalize on that opportunity. We work closely with our clients to align the product vision with the business objectives while maintaining a focus on brand building.

Concept Development

At Lexicon we approach concept development through the eye of the end user to make sure that the product addresses their needs and expectations. Through creative problem solving, sketching, prototyping/modeling, and experimentation we turn ideas into retail-ready product solutions.

Engineering Design

Lexicon collaborates with experienced mechanical and electrical engineering partners as well as user interface and software experts to deliver an end product that looks and works the way it was meant to.

Production Coordination

Making sure that the final product is manufactured as designed requires more than simply turning over specification drawings to a factory. Lexicon works closely with manufacturing vendors throughout the design and production processes to ensure that the delivered product achieves the desired design, quality, and costing goals.

Sourcing/Turnkey Development

Finding the right manufacturing resources is often costly and can be a challenge for many small businesses. Lexicon now offers a turnkey production solution to help get your goods produced and to market. We maintain relationships with a wide array of overseas and domestic vendors and can arrange and provide you with delivered product, ready to ship to your customers. Please ask us how we can help.

3D Prototyping (Hard & Soft)

Having a tangible prototype in hand is critical for assessing the design and function of the product concept and is an integral part of the development process. Working with our engineering team and through our Seamless service for soft goods with Jen Rocket we can provide iterative as well as high-level prototypes for testing and validation.
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