Avid bowhunter Chris Waston was dissatisfied with the current hunting bags available, which didn’t meet his standards of scent-proofing and durability. He approached Lexicon to help him design and develop an innovative line of soft goods for hunters that could be used as both travel luggage and field bags.

Armed with the insight that hunters desired a very organized bag that could multi-task while in the field led to the development of an innovative collection. The resulting designs offer durability, modularity, water resistance, ease of access, and most importantly, scent proofing so that hunters won’t be detected by game. A range of sizes provides the customer with options for various duration and seasonal trips while providing the core functional attributes of the brand.

Lexicon worked closely with Watson Airlock from concept development through production and sourcing to bring the collection to market. The product line has been a great success so far, currently sold in over 100 retailers while winning awards such as the Best In Show by Heritage Hunter.

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