Avid bowhunter Chris Watson was unsatisfied with the current hunting bags available. The bags available didn’t meet his high standards for scent masking and durability. He wanted to create a new innovative product for bow hunters, and every other hunter as well.


  • A new innovative product for bow-hunters (and every other hunter)
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • Scent proof
  • Cool/new brand presence in hunting world

After looking at the market space and seeing the competition, we recognized that hunters desired a very organized bag that would be multifunctional for in the field use. This required a bag that was durable, water resistant and most importantly, scent proof so that hunters wouldn’t be detected by game. Additionally, there were very few packs of substantial size that could be taken out into the field for longer hunts, by creating multiple packs in an array of sizes, we’d address the storage need.

We started this design by researching traditional methods that address this specific sets of needs. Typically, most roll top features are in waterproof (coated) bags. This design has a double wall, which means that it includes a lining to help seal in additional scents. The seams are also sealed with heat tape, to allow less scent to escape.

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