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Our Work


Design Services

Design Strategy + Research

We like to do our homework here at Lexicon. Using a variety of research methods, we help to discover what the market wants and how to best capitalize on that opportunity. We work closely with our clients to align the product vision with the business objectives while maintaining a focus on brand building.

Concept Development

At Lexicon we approach concept development through the eye of the end user to make sure that the product addresses their needs and expectations. Through creative problem solving, sketching, prototyping/modeling, and experimentation we turn ideas into retail-ready product solutions.


Having a tangible prototype in hand is critical for assessing the design and function of the product concept, and is an integral part of the development process. Working with our engineering team and through our local network, we can provide iterative as well as high-level prototypes for testing and validation. 

Engineering Design

Lexicon collaborates with experienced mechanical and electrical engineering partners as well as user interface and software experts to deliver an end product that looks and works like it was meant to.



Making sure that the final product is manufactured as designed requires more than simply turning over specification drawings to a factory. Lexicon works closely with manufacturers throughout the design and production processes to ensure that the delivered product achieves the desired design, quality, and cost targets.

Sourcing + Logistics

Finding the right manufacturing resources is often costly and can be a challenge for many small businesses. We maintain relationships with a wide array of overseas and domestic vendors and can arrange and provide you with delivered product, ready to ship to your customers.

Select Clients

Since 2008, we have been working with a range of clients from independent entrepreneurs to Fortune 50 companies.​ We develop products for a wide range of markets including medical, consumer electronics, sporting goods, and travel.


Our Team

Lexicon is a team of designers, engineers and developers that take products from concept sketch through prototype, and to manufacture, or any step in between.

Josh Lederer

Partner, Founder

Ben Azzam

Partner, Design Lead

Kyle Fisk

Industrial Designer

Albert Topdjian

Industrial Designer

Ben Matzke

Mechanical Engineer

201 N. Braddock Ave. Room 209

Pittsburgh, PA 15208