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Sourcing and Logistics

Design for Manufacture

Throughout the development process we are always looking to design things so they can be built.  As a product is refined we like to start to plan out the manufacturing processes for each part and discuss those parts with potential manufacturing partners to optimize them for the best performance and cost.  The end result is a high quality and cost effective product that can be produced at the volume you require.

Sourcing and Logistics

Designing a product is the start, once it's been design you have to get it made.  We help our clients find vendors that can make their products at a reasonable price and the quantities they need for their business.  We've spent years building and maintaining a growing list of manufactures to help out clients build what we design.  In some cases we provide assistance in placing your order and ensuring that it is delivered to your door in  time for sale. 

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Manufacturing Support

Whether we work with a manufacturer in our network or one that you bring along, we work closely with factories to ensure that the product we design for you is manufacturable at their facility on their equipment. We communicate with the factory  through the whole process of quoting, tooling, first article production, inspection, and manufacturing approvals.  

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